Objective of the trust:- Our mission, vision and core values

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To Promot public charitable object or purpose which will be or is intended to advance the well being of the people of India or abroad or for their welfare and upliftment without distinction of any caste religion or community.

  • Education:-Establishment and/or acquisition promotion and maintinance or support of school, college, university, International level schools Polytechnics, management Institution and Science Colleges Pharmacy Medical, Dental and Para-Medical Nursing Colleges, Technical Engineering Colleges, other institution and job oriented courses and all other courses from all over India and abroad.
  • Relief to the poor:-To assist and provide for the poor by constructing community hall, rest house, dormitories, tube wells, drinking water facilities etc,; to conduct feeding of the poor and to give food clothing & case grants for the poor and grant donations for the support of the inmate of orphanages, rescue and rehabilitation center and similar institution to aquire, fund promoted or assets in case or kind for conducting marriages of the poor & needy to give provide and/or render monetary and/or other help start maintain and alist in any relief measure for the relief of the persons and animals affected by natural and other calmine such as flood, fire, Cyclone, Earth Quake, storm, Accident, Drought epidmic strikes, riots and the like and to give donations subscription or contribution to institution, establishment center which enjoy recognitions under section 80G of the Income Tax act 1961 or persons doing relief works on Such occasions.
  • Our Trust can buy or sell any land/property for development of our Trust and mentioned above works.

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GST International Group is a leading trust of India. We the prople of GST International group wants to trying social reformas and drastic changes in whole Country ...

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